Cosmic Coconut Firm Moon Paste

  • $17.00

-Scent: Creamy, sweet coconut and cedarwood with a hint of vanilla. 
Our FIRM version of the Moon Paste was designed to provide a more textured, messy look while providing additional hold compared to the original Moon Paste. 
-Lightweight feel: This product will not weigh your hair down. It’s designed to provide volume and texture. Best used in towel dry/ blow dry hair. NOT designed for slick styles. 
-Firm Hold: Firm Moon Paste allows you to accentuate your hair’s natural look, while providing an all day hold. 
-Natural / Matte finish. 
-Easy application: Applies into the hair effortlessly with minimal tug. 
-Water Based: Washes out with one shampoo.
NOTE: Please allow 3-5 BUSINESS days for shipping.