Throwback Formula Products

Throwback Formula Products

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Thanks for 4 great years! In celebration, we have brought back some of our well loved formulas in your favorite Nostalgic scents. Please note these formulas are harder to scoop! Workman's Pomp created a video on YouTube about this if you need some tips on working with these pomades. 


Barbershop ... this old school blend has notes of talcum, amber, bay rum and sandalwood grounded by an earthy, musky base.

Clean Cut Citrus ... this refreshing citrus blend is balanced and smooth with a nice clean scent that is neither sweet or sharp.

Coco Pomps ... notes of chocolate, sugar, and vanilla that smells like a fresh poured bowl of chocolate puff cereal.

Fruit Scoops ... Like sticking your nose in a box of brightly colored fruit ring cereal, the notes are citrus fruits with vanilla sugar.

Orange Soda ... fizzy orange, lemon, and grapefruit on a base of vanilla with a touch of sugar.

 Pineapple Cilantro ... a bright blend of pineapple and cilantro.