xHidden Levelx

xHidden Levelx

  • $17.00

The game's not over yet! These special jars are custom scented batches and are limited in quantity, so grab one while you can!

Once in a while, we will add "Short Pour" jars that are not a full 4 ounces, or "Ugly Pour" jars that have a slight aesthetic imperfection. These would be listed separate from the Custom Scented batches, and would be sold at a discounted rate. None of these are second rate quality, so you can always expect top level performance!

Discontinued scents/products:

Barbershop Firm Oil Based: Our Firm Oil Based is still available in Pineapple Cilantro, but Barbershop Firm will no longer be stocked. (Barbershop ... this old school blend has notes of talcum, amber, bay rum and sandalwood grounded by an earthy, musky base.)